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The State of Dating

When we think of dating these days, we think of finding people online or via dating apps, taking them out on the town, and maybe having it lead elsewhere later in the evening. But that's dating as it is in the 2010's – it wasn't always like that. Dating through the decades has changed massively, but there's a few mainstays that have enjoyed enduring popularity: the cinema, blind dates, and of course taking your date out for a meal. So just how different is going on a date now from our parents' and grandparents' era?

LoveBeginsAt has taken a look at dating from the 1920's until now to see what has changed, what has stayed the same, and how this eventually affects marriage and divorce rates in the UK. There's some interesting finds in there, such as the fact that the shortage of men after each World War led to highly competitive dating and a much higher marriage rate than later decades. Add to that the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's and we discovered there's been a lot happening in the dating world over the past 100 years! Why not take a look at our infographic below and discover the evolution of dating? And remember, if you're over 45 and want to start your dating journey, you can do so by signing up to us for free and seeing what our lovely users have to offer.

State of Dating UK

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