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Who's the Greatest Lover?

It's something we've all joked about at one point or another, and whether you're male, female, older or younger we guarantee that it's brought a smile to your face as you've thought about it. It's brought up after a few drinks and it's the subject of columns in magazines everywhere. That's right: we're talking how many partners you've had. We're all adults and it's no secret that most of us have been with multiple people in our lives, and that celebrities have a reputation for having more than most!

LoveBeginsAt's dating experts were curious to find out who is the greatest lover in recent history, so we dug a little deeper into some of the world's most notorious casanovas and femme fatales from the celebrity world and elsewhere. We looked at number of partners, particular quirks and where they're from to create this infographic and find out who's the most promiscuous person of the last 100 years. Well, the answers are here and as you'd expect there are rock stars, porn stars and people who know how to get what (or who!) they want. It's no surprise that the likes of Mick Jagger and Gene Simmons are in there, but did you know that beloved Dick Tracy star Warren Beatty had, in addition to his high profile girlfriends, a bit of an appetite for the ladies? And of course we know of Hugh Hefner's legacy, but did you know that he was romantically involved with many of his Playmates? Not everyone on the list is terribly good-looking either... they must be pretty funny people. Want to know who's the most debauched of the lot? Check it out – we promise you'll be surprised.

the 10 greatest lovers

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