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Finding new friends as an adult, especially when you’re in your 40s and above, is definitely a different story than when you were younger. But while it isn’t as simple as living next door to someone - although starting out with your neighbours is definitely a good idea! – it’s more rewarding when you find people who share your passions and interests, and have had similar life experiences to yourself. More than ever before, people are beginning to make friends online, meeting people just like them on online forums and on social media.

At, we take that one step further and invite people to join our exclusive members club. As a member of our club, you’ll find new friends online the same age as you are, who have careers like yours and are in a similar place in their lives. If you hit it off, you could even find someone special! Create your free profile today, and make friends online with the best of the best at LoveBeginsAt.

Tips on Finding Friends Online

If you’re shy, the ability to find a friend online is priceless. You can get to know someone in your own time, without having to worry about the pressures of a face-to-face situation until you’re ready. That’s why chatrooms are a popular way of connecting with people, and that’s why we’ve made every effort to ensure that they’re a great place to hang out. You can meet new friends online, and once you’re ready you can come along to one of our excellent events, including cookery classes, wine tasting and more. Need some pointers on using a website to make friends and what to do once you find friends online? Read on:

  • Be yourself: they say that at 25, you’re the person you’re going to be for the rest of your life. Well, at over 45, you’ll be pretty familiar and comfortable with yourself: let it show! When you’re finding new friends, don’t be too worried about what people think of you. When you’re chatting to people make sure you let your personality shine and you’ll be inundated with people wanting to get to know you.
  • Plan a “mate date”: who says that meeting up with friends can’t be like a date? It’s better than sitting in a pub, and if you’re also single it’s a great way to ease yourself back into the dating game by playing it platonically. Why not take in some culture, or attend one of our wine tasting events?
  • Use the chatrooms: make sure you take full advantage of our chatrooms. They’re full of members from all walks of life, including people looking to find love and people looking for friends online, just like you.

Making New Friends in Your 40s

One of the great things about making friends after 40 is that you find people with the same interests, hobbies or other things in common with yourself. Gone are the days of just befriending people in the same class as you: unless, of course, you hit it off with someone at an evening class! Instead, why not see what LoveBeginsAt can do for you as a website that helps you meet friends online:

  • Dedicated advisers, on hand to answer any of your questions: be they about making the most of the site, taking the next step, or finding out more information about an event.
  • A regularly updated blog section, featuring advice posts on everything from making friends after 40 or 50 to posts on dating in general, and the kind of fun things you might end up doing! Go on: we promise it's educational!
  • Events that put a focus on quality company. Not interested in events from a dating perspective? No problem: we've got loads based on shared interests, cheeky wine tastings and other themes that'll definitely make finding friendship feel like a treat.
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