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Dating Tips for Men over 40

As a 40-something man, you now understand that dating isn’t going to be like in your 20s. Most everything about your dating life likely changed when you turned 40... Finding great dating advice can be difficult, especially if you are an adult in your early forties when your values start changing. Cheesy teenage dating advice for sure won’t cut it. Dating advice for men can easily get corny or simply be outdated. In the end, your life experience and background will make a difference - have you always been the eligible bachelor, or have you just had a divorce? Are you quite happy to casually date, or would you want a serious relationship? Are you a dad, or still looking to have children? Here, at LoveBeginsAt, we won't teach you how to treat a woman right or how to behave on a first date, we are sure you already know that (…though forgive us if we sometimes still hint…). No, we prepared some real and useful dating advice for men over forty to keep in mind. To make the most of what you'll learn from our tips and tricks we recommend you to sign up with and start practicing your dating skills right away. With thousands of single women on our site, you will be sure to find someone to make you fall in love all over again.

Dating Advice for Mer over 40

Here are four simple tips to keep in mind when looking for love in your forties:

1. Desperation is not a good strategy. Relax and have fun getting to know other people. It's better to know if the woman in question is worth your time. Don’t try and rush things or be too pushy. Find something you've got in common and start your game from this point. You should have your own life, hobbies, and interests by this stage in life, or if you felt you lost a large part of that in a divorce: reclaim it. Once you have a full life it’s easy to invite someone to join you for the ride and share the adventure.

2. Be yourself. Some 40-plus women start to think about a relationship just because they never had time for serious love before, others look for a new relationships after the previous one did not work out. The main thing you need to bear in mind is that women in their forties have had time to get to know themselves and know their strengths and weaknesses. They will look for the same in a man. It’s better to be you than to be fake.

3. Be confident. Self-awareness is perhaps the main advantage of being mature. Own both your flaws and your strengths. Being older and wiser makes everything easier. The more you know, the more you can take responsibility to find a relationship that truly works for you. Don’t rush it - be patient to find what truly suits you.

4. Tell the world that you are looking for. Let your friends know and consider using an online dating site like and follow our dating tips for men. It’s nice to have a partner in crime in the dating jungle. And once you get your online dating profile you let the women out there know you’re eligible. You will be surprised with how many wonderful women out there are looking to date. Create your dating profile and let the women know what greatness you offer!

Top Online Dating Tips for Men

Are you in your forties and see no love by the horizon? Online dating is a completely different way of meeting people compared to anything you have tried before. There are some great recommendations if you are new to the online dating jungle - simple but very effective:

  • Stand out: make your profile informative and interesting and choose attractive profile pictures. Your online personal should tell a story of who you are and what you are looking for;
  • Be honest: eyewash and window dressing isn't a good tactic at your age;
  • Be interesting: don't make your date get bored with your dull stories. Keep your conversations interesting and make her want to find out more and meet offline;
  • Be polite: being flirty doesn't mean being rude or sleazy. Don't make a lady feel awkward.
  • Don't be hasty: your hormones may not play like they used to do in your 20s and you may not have “sparks” at once, but you may feel chemistry over time. In fact, most people who get into serious relationships didn’t click at first sight. Second or third sight is more like it.

These are just a few online dating tips for men to bear in mind before you throw yourself into online dating with

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